The IDF Carbine

The simple, well-worn M16 has become an icon of the Israeli Defense Forces. The IDF rifles and carbines reflect the rugged pragmatism required survive in a hostile environment where effectiveness is far more important than aesthetics; where skill is emphasized while the coolest new equipment is often an unnecessary luxury.

The IDF carbines and rifles have caught the imagination of shooters, collectors, re-enactors, and airsoft players around the world. Perhaps it is the attractive simplicity of the IDF rifles in contrast to a international trend to ever more accessorized rifles. Maybe people like the look of a well-used combat weapon when so many shooters are afraid to get their rifles dirty. Or maybe it’s appreciation for the underdog – the proud, scrappy, free, little country defiantly existing in the face of attempted annihilation by its neighbors and intense political pressure from the rest of the world.

Whatever the reason, more and more shooters are building IDF rifle clones. This website is intended to be a resource for those needing information on the correct configurations, accessories, and optics when building their IDF clones.

IDF KISS Carbine Jericho Mepro M21

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