Most IDF carbines are not too accessorized. They tend to have basic stocks, pistol grips, and handguards, and a two-point sling. Many have magazine accessories and rifle bands that make the IDF carbines unique.

One of the unique things about the IDF and its weapons is that the IDF tends to be pragmatic about serviceable parts. If a stock or pistol grip works, then someone should be using it. A new stock design does not mean that everyone turns in their old stocks for the new design. If the IDF decides that it does not like an optic, they do not scrap all the ones that can still be used by someone.

The result is that almost any mixture of old and new parts can be found, even between rifles in the same unit. One has an A1 pistol grip, the next has an AG-43 grip. One has an aluminum CAR stock and the next has the newest GLR-16. New Mepro M21s serve next to the less popular MARS sights and the older Meprolight and Trijicon Reflex sights. One guy has a 13″ barrel and the next has a 14.5″ barrel, and their squad leader has an M4 barrel.

The pages in this category will help you decide which accessories are appropriate for the style of build that fits your needs.


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