IDF Jericho Pistol Frame Safety

Surplus Israeli Jericho 941F with frame safety.


Jericho Pistols are produced by Israeli Weapons Industries, formerly Israeli Military Industries. They are a variant of the famous CZ-75 pistols, building on the already proven reliability of the CZ-75.

Jerichos, especially the steel-frame pistols, are used heavily by Israeli police and security organizations.

The Jericho retains the iconic frame-outside-the-slide design used by the CZ-75. It is available with a safety or a combination safety/decocker mounted either on the frame or on the slide. While the frame safety is very popular in Israel and in other parts of the world, US importers seem fixated upon the slide-mounted safety, and it is extremely hard to find a frame safety Jericho in the US. When they are seen, they command a premium price, selling used for much more than a new slide-safety Jericho sells for.

While the Jericho models are not too confusing in themselves, it can be very confusing for US shooters to keep track of the models due to the fact that importers do not use IWI’s nomenclatures. The Pistols themselves have been imported under the names Jericho, Uzi Eagle, Baby Desert Eagle, Baby Eagle, Baby Eagle II, Jericho again, and now back to Baby Eagle. The Baby Eagle name is perhaps one of the most disliked pistol names in the US and has made sales of the Jericho more difficult in the US market.

Adding to the confusion, importers have used different names and numbers for the different models, making it hard to keep track of the variations.

While the Jericho/Baby Eagle is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP (and previously .41 and 9mm AE), in official government use in Israel 9mm is the caliber used.

Jericho Pistols in Front Line IWB Holsters

Jericho Pistols in Front Line IWB Holsters

The steel frame Jericho is a serious-looking pistol with a no-nonsense appearance. The frame has a distinctive full-lenght dust cover that seems to lend to the pistol’s excellent balance and reduced muzzle rise when shooting. The grip frame is clearly shaped for shootability, and fits most shooters very well. Even shooters with very small hands feel that the pistol is comfortable, and they are popular with women who shoot them, while still handling well for those with larger hands. Jericho’s point naturally for most shooters and are easy to shoot well.

The Jericho 941 is a double action pistol utilizing a double-stack magazine (15 or 16 rounds in a full-size Jericho). The pistol has an excellent single-action trigger pull and a very nice, smooth double-action pull.


The Jericho pistol needs little more than a holster and some extra magazines.

For magazines, the E-Lander 16-round Jericho magazines are the best choice. They are available with either steel or polymer floorplates. E-Lander Jericho magazines have competition-style springs and perform exceptionally well. They have an interesting feature; a small dimple on either side of the magazine that aligns with the groove in front of the rim of the top cartridge. Placed where it will not affect reliability or function, it prevents the top cartridge from sliding forward when being carried in a magazine pouch.

These are issue magazines in Israel, and are priced very competitively.

A variety of holsters are used officially in Israel for these pistols.

New Generation Pancake Holsters

The Israeli Police issue Front Line New Generation Pancake holsters. There are several styles, including thumb-break or Push’n’Draw retention systems. The New Generation material was designed to provide the fit and function typical of a leather holster with the advantages of modern materials.

IWB Holsters

IWB holsters are used heavily, even by military units. Since many special forces units use concealment, and also carry their pistols off-duty, they issue IWB concealment holsters.

The Yamam Holster was developed by Front Line for the famous counter terror/hostage rescue team by that name. It is a rough-side out IWB holster with belt loops. This hoster is used by Yamam and also by other organizations.

The Front Line belt-clip IWB holster is a standard-issue service holster for the IDF. It is a simple, effective leather IWB holster.

The Special IWB Holster is also popular with police and security organizations. It is a solidly built leather holster with belt loops and a reinforced mouth.

Duty Belt Holsters

Belt holsters in Kydex and in Kydex New Generation are commonly used. Kydex is used by itself or lined with suede. The KNG holsters combine Kydex with the New Generation materials.

Thigh Holsters

Several types of thigh holsters are used. Universal nylon holsters have been very common, but kydex holsters are now increasingly used.

Safety Rods

Israeli personnel do extensive dry-fire training, including force-on-force training. In order to ensure safety, bright orange safety rods are placed in the bore of the pistol prior to training. The pistol must be disassembled in order to insert the rod, and a cartridge cannot be chambered with the rod in place.


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